Compound W® Dual Power 2-in-1

Compound W® 2-in-1 Treatment Kit

Compound W® Dual Power 2-in-1

Treats Plantar Warts

Original Freeze

Topical Gels & Liquids

Compound W® Dual Power 2-in-1 safely, easily, and effectively removes large common and plantar warts.

  • Contains a Freeze-Off(TM) and a Liquid Wart Remover for dual power treatment that is more effective than freezing alone
  • Starts working instantly

Use As Directed.

  • Assembly

    1. Attach the applicator (stick with the foam tip) to the handle as shown. Firmly press the stick into the opening in the middle of the handle.
    2. Place the aerosol can firmly on a table or other sturdy surface. Caution! Do not hold the spray can near your face, or over parts of your body or clothing. 
    3. Insert the handle, with the applicator attached, into the top of the canister. Line up notches in handle with the openings in the top of the canister.
    4. Keeping the canister upright and holding the canister firmly with one hand, press the handle downward until you hear a hissing sound. Continue to hold down for 2 to 3 seconds to saturate the foam tip of the applicator. You will hear a hissing sound for the entire period.
    5. After releasing the handle, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the handle with the attached applicator from the canister. The foam tip should be saturated with cold liquid and have a frosty appearance. You may also smell some dimethyl ether.

    Freeze Wart

    1. Lightly press the foam tip of the applicator for several seconds on the wart that is to be frozen for the application time directed in the Information Leaflet. Do not swab.

    Discard the foam-tipped applicator after a single use, taking care not to touch the foam tip of the applicator with bare hands, to ensure that re-infection with the wart virus does not occur. Wash hands after treatment. When treating warts on the top of fingers and toes, slowly move the fingers or toes while administering treatment. There will be an aching, itching, or stinging sensation during treatment.

    Apply Liquid

    1. 24 hours after treating with Compound W® Dual Power Freeze Off can, wash the treated wart and dry thoroughly.
    2. Using applicator, apply one drop at a time to sufficiently cover each wart. Let dry.
    3. Apply liquid twice daily for 2 weeks.
    4. Self-adhesive comfort pad may be used to cushion wart. Remove comfort pad before re-applying liquid.

    If the wart has not disappeared after 2 weeks, you may start another treatment cycle. Do not treat wart with more than 3 treatment cycles of Compound W® Wart Removal System Dual Power.

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  • Extremely Flammable. Contents under pressure. 

    Do not pierce or burn aerosol spray can, even after use. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 120°F (50°C). Store at room temperature away from heat. Keep away from fire or flame and from sources of sparks or ignition, including mobile phones, radios, and other electrical appliances. Do not smoke while using Compound W® Dual Power 2-in-1 Treatment Kit. Piercing the container or exposure to heat may cause the container to explode, causing serious injury. Do not breathe vapor/spray and use only in well-ventilated areas because it is uncertain how the vapor/spray will affect the lungs. Breathing vapor/spray may be toxic.

    For external use only. Use only as directed. If you do not use Compound W® Wart Removal System Dual Power exactly as the directions say to use it, or if you use it on any condition that is not a common or plantar wart, it may cause serious burns, permanent scarring of the skin, or blindness. Do not use on areas with thin skin such as the face, armpits, breasts, bottom, or genitals. Use on these areas may cause burns and permanent scarring.

  • Compound W® Maximum Strength Liquid:

    Active Ingredients: Salicylic acid 17% ww
    Inactive Ingredients: alcohol, camphor, castor oil, collodion, ether, ethylcellulose, hypophosphorous acid, menthol, polysorbate 80

    Compound W® Freeze Off:

    Contents: Dimethyl ether and propane