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Question #1. How are you reacting to having a wart?

  • "Oh well, just tell me the easiest way to get rid of it"
  • "I can't go out in public again, my life is ruined!"
  • "This is such a pain, can't I just cover it up and it will go away eventually?"

Question #2. How did you discover your wart?

  • "I felt something strange on the bottom of my foot, flipped off my sock and there it was."
  • "I was texting my friend when I saw a weird bump on my finger."
  • "I was rolling up my sleeves and suddenly noticed it on my arm."

Question #3. Do you lead an active lifestyle?

  • "Do shopping and going out clubbing count?"
  • "Well, if I’m not at the gym, I’m probably playing a sport."
  • "I work so much that I don’t really have time for anything else."

Question #4. How important is your skin to you?

  • "I don’t really think about it, as long as I look OK."
  • "I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, but I make sure I eat healthy foods and get enough sleep."
  • "Very, my make up and cleansing routine can take hours."

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